End-to-end surveillance services for your house and workplace

At Smart Techno, we are committed to your security. We offer prominent surveillance services at affordable prices. With our advanced CCTV solutions, you can feel safe about your house or office even if you are not there. Stay one step forward from thieves and burglars by using our smart surveillance services.

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Secure your site with us

If you are looking for a flexible surveillance system for your property, our solution is available for quick installation and integration with your existing security system. We aim to provide the best of hardware and software, while keeping the prices in your budget.

Keep your safety and security in check with our extensive surveillance system.

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We assess your property and take a look at what points you wish to cover through CCTV cameras. We create a site-plan of where the cameras have to installed and how much of area they will be able to cover.


We quickly implement the plan after it has been approved. We install CCTV cameras and implement the software on the computer on which you can view the recordings from all the cameras.


Our expert technicians provide training to make sure you have enough knowledge of the software so that you can use it easily. They also teach you basic troubleshooting skills when you need to make quick fixes.


Once implemented, you can keep a close check on what's happening inside your house or office when you are not there. You are all set to safeguard your assets from all kinds of threats.

How we make your building secure

Our surveillance services are customized for your needs, whether it is an apartment or a big office or hotel. We adopt a smart approach to install our CCTV system to ensure the best of customer experience every time.

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